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VIDEO: Donnie Klang - Take You There

The clip has Diddy and Donnie bullshitting at the beginning, but the video starts a 2 min 15 sec. Jump!


Soulja Boy Is Still Tellin 'Em

Soulja Boy guerilla style, still bringsout the masses. Vid after the Jump!


Give It Get It

There's a gang of DOWNLOADS after the

Give It Get It: Bow Wow - Set It Off Freestyle

Give It Get It: Busta Rhymes - Give A Damn (Feat. Show Money & Reek Da Villian)

Give It Get It: Clyde Carson - One Night (Feat. Avant)

Give It Get It: Clyde Carson - Tonight (Feat. The Game) (Produced By Teddy Riley)

Give It Get It: Clyde Carson - U Got Me

Give It Get It: Crooked I - The Signs (Feat. One-2)

Give It Get It: DJ Muggs & Planet Asia - Top Shelf (Feat. KRS-One)

Give It Get It: I-20 - Pimpin’ (Feat. Rsonist & Ludacris)

Give It Get It: Killah Priest & Chief Kamachi - Illest (Feat. Planet Asia & DJ Rhettmatic)

Give It Get It: Large Professor - Hardcore (Produced By Marco Polo)

Give It Get It: Novel - Lost (Remix) (Feat. Coldplay)

Give It Get It: Ron Browz - Pop Champagne (Remix) (Feat. Jim Jones)

Give It Get It: Trick Daddy - The Realest

Give It Get It: Tyga - Goon to a Goblin (Feat. Cambatta)

Give It Get It: Tyga - Sincere

Give It Get It: Uncle Murda - Still Runnin’ The City

All the following in one download. Get It Give It.

CL Smooth - Sorry for the Hurtin
DJ Christion - Put On remix (ft. DJ Khaled, Plies, 2 Pistols, Orlando, Ace Hood, Acafool, & Tom G)
DJ S1 - Supa Fly
Lil Fame - Security
Lupe Fiasco - Gangsta
Nelly - Warrior
Rhymefest - Force of Nature
Rhymefest - In Between
Sheeck Louch - freestyle
Styles P - freestyle
Sway - The Grind
The Game feat. Ne-Yo Camera Phone



DJ TLM - Represent Radio Live

Video footage of DJ TLM recording his Represent Radio show for Juize.FM. This is not a prepared set, but just a freestyle mix. The whole show is 2 hours long. To listen to the show go to www.juize.fm. For bookings please contact www.representagency.nl

Hot mix after the



Page ft. Max B “Pimpin’”

Page repping T-Dot with a guest appearance from the Jim Jones ghost writer Max B.

Vid after the Jump!


Khaled has EVERYBODY on his album

Diddy Speaks

Diddy speaks after the



VIDEO: Donnie Klang

The last album from the making the band clan is almost here, and heres a smapole of whats to come from Donnie Klang. Jump!



R.I.P. Isaac Hayes

On Sunday August 10, icon Isaac Hayes was reported dead by Memphis' WMCTV; Hayes was 65 years old. Shelby County Sheriff's Office spokesman Steve Shular confirmed the death to the local news, claiming that Hayes' wife called police and ambulance after finding him unconsciousness near the treadmill in their Tennessee home.

Rushed to Baptist East Hospital in Memphis, Hayes was pronounced dead shortly after two o'clock this morning. An investigation is underway, though foul play has been reportedly ruled out.

Read on after the

Isaac Hayes was a musician on the legendary Stax label, writing, composing and producing dozens of hit and critically acclaimed songs and albums.

In Hip Hop, he had collaborated with the likes of RZA and Wu-Tang Clan ("I Can't Go To Sleep" [click to read]), Ice Cube ("I Gotta Say What Up!!!") and Guru ("Night Vision"). His work has also been sampled on hit singles by Jay-Z ("Can I Live"), MF DOOM ("Dead Bent") and The Geto Boys ("My Mind Playin' Tricks On Me"). His albums Black Moses and Hot Buttered Soul are often revered as essentials by numerous Hip Hop producers.

In Pop culture, the musician and actor is best remembered for his work scoring the 1971 film Shaft and his longtime voice of Chef on South Park. Earlier this month, Hayes was touring with former label-mates Eddie Floyd and The Bar-Kays. Hayes had also been working with Bernie Mac in the Malcolm Lee film Soul Men, which also featured Bernie Mac, another beloved entertainer who died this weekend.

Hayes also is father to Ike Dirty, also known as Isaac Hayes, III, producer of Lil Scrappy's "Money In The Bank" and numerous other songs.

PickUrStyle extends our condolences to the Hayes family, the Stax label and all family, friends and fans of this true giant to music. We will update further upon release of information.




Saigon talks about how he punched Prodigy and his beef with Joe Budden. He finishes it off with a freestyle.

Interview after



Jay Z - Talks Carter III

Jay-Z calls the radio station and talks about the Carter 3, the new song he performed with Kanye, and rumors about him getting dropped from Live Nation, and endures various sexual references from the chick lol

More after the




The Game discusses his relationship with rappers, his status with Dr. Dre, his album LAX, and several rumors. .



R.I.P. Bernie Mac

Emmy, Golden Globe, and Grammy-nominated actor and comedian Bernie Mac died today (August 9) at the age of 50, CNN.com reports.

"Actor/comedian Bernie Mac passed away this morning from complications due to pneumonia in a Chicago area hospital," said his publicist, Danica Smith, in a statement from Los Angeles, California.

His publicist said no other details were available, and that his family's privacy be respected. She also revelaed that the pneumonia was not related to the comedian's sarcoidosis, an inflammatory lung disease; the condition apparently went into remission in 2005.

Read on

Mac's comedy career at age eight, with a standup performance at a church dinner. Eventually, he took his act to comedy clubs in Chicago at age 20, in 1977.

He began his film career with a small role in Damon Wayans' Mo' Money in 1992. Since then, he has appeared in Spike Lee's 1996 drama Get on the Bus, the Ocean's Eleven series, and numerous other films.

Bernie Mac also had a self-titled television show, which aired more than 100 episodes from 2001 to 2006. "The Bernie Mac Show," which told the story of a man raising his sister's three children, won a Peabody Award in 2002. The judges wrote that the sitcom transcended "race and class while lifting viewers with laughter, compassion -- and cool."

"But television handcuffs you, man," said Mac in 2001 Associated Press interview. "Now everyone telling me what I CAN'T do, what I CAN say, what I SHOULD do, and asking, 'Are blacks gonna be mad at you? Are whites gonna accept you?"'

Mac was also a part of the critically acclaimed comedy album and movie The Original Kings of Comedy, in which he co-starred with Steve Harvey, D.L. Hughley and Cedric The Entertainer. The album garnered a Grammy nomination for best comedy album in 2001.

In 2007 during an interview on CBS' "Late Show" with Dave Letterman, Mac revealed that he had plans to retire soon. "I'm going to still do my producing, my films, but I want to enjoy my life a little bit," said Mac to Letterman. "I missed a lot of things, you know. I was a street performer for two years. I went into clubs in 1977."

Mac survived by a daughter, Je'Niece, and wife, Rhonda McCullough. Je'Niece has a daughter, Jasmine.



VIDEO: INVIZZIBL MEN - "Jimmy Swagga" & "T-Rex"

Invizzibl Men (Karniege & Marq Spekt) will be releasing their debut songle "The Unveiling," August 19th heres the video to wet your appetites. I have a double dose of for you double dippers to devour.

Jimmy Swagger and T-Rex after the

Jimmy Swagger

Hers a YouTube link.

This one is a banger. Its called T-Rex, and it has teeth.

Heres a link, sorry no YouTube yet



Kurious ft. Max B - Back From Up Unda

Kurious adds to his resume that includes "Walk Like A Duck," "I'm Kurious" and "Mansion And A Yacht" with a new release, "Back From Up Unda" off his upcoming sophomore LP, entitled II, on Amalgam Digital. Release date October 14th.

Max B accompanies Kurious on this one, and He still Baallllllllin'



The KnuX in L.A.

Meet The KNUX, at a recent show in LA, they speak on album expectation and the breaking the ideas of what we think Hip Hop ought to be.
Video after the Jump!


Cory Gunz - The Best Kept Secret (mixtape)

Alas, it has come! The Corey Gunz Mixtape that weve been waitng for has arrived and its yours for the gettin. DOWNLOAD & TrackListing after the

01. Peedi Pop-Off R.I.P. Intro
02. Drug Raps
03. Mad Rapper Skit
04. Get Right Tonight (Feat. Ryan Leslie)
05. Ice-T Skit
06. Jay-Z Freestyle
07. Check The Rhyme Freestyle
08. Addiction (Militia Remix)
09. Chris Tucker Skit
10. Armed
11. Biggie Skit
12. Richer Than Richie
13. Busta Freestyle (Feat. Young Hash)
14. Invasion Radio Freestyle
15. Preacher Man (Feat. Young Hash)
16. D-Boy Block
17. This Is What We Do
18. Crew In The Spot
19. Ma$e Freestyle
20. A Millie (Remix) (Feat. Lil Wayne & Jadakiss)

DOWNLOAD: Cory Gunz - The Best Kept Secret (mixtape)



VIDEO: Nelly - Sean John Underwear photo shoot BTS

Piddy is really happy to have Nelly on board with the Sean John underwear campaign and I think Nelly is justas excited. For some reason underwear ads seem to boost ones popularity. Must I mention Marky Mark?

Ladies? Go Behind The Scenes after the

He is better known nowadays as Mr. Walberg.



Jay Z @ Glow in the Dark

We have been hearing all types of stories about Jay Z and his next project. Here i something that may clarify what Jay has been up too. Not even marriage can stop Hov's grind (did I say married?) Timbaland is claiming the whoile budget, I think prematurely. Kanye has other plans.... Im sure Pharrell is cooking in the kitchen in anticipation as we speak as well.

Hear the new shit and DOWNLOAD the song after the

BLUEPRINT 3 from kwest on Vimeo.

DOWNLOAD: Jay-Z, "Dope Boy Fresh" (prod. Kanye West)

spotted @ nahright?



VIDEO: T.I. - Whatever You Like

T.I. singing to you ladies on this one. I'm waiting for Swing Your Rag! Thats a banger!

Get A GANG OF T.I. after the




VIDEO: Bun B feat David Banner, Rick Ross, 8Ball & MJG

Bun B of the mighty UGK crew, UnderGround Kings are at it again (R.I.P. Pimp C) They always come out with some fire. Its HOT as hell in Houston and it shows in the music. Bun B is doing his thing with David Banner, Rick Ross, and 8Ball & MJG.
8Ball & MJG been killing it for a minute, Im still banging "On The Outside Looking In" WHAT!? Dope.

Video after the

props to OnSmash



Large Pro - Main Source (cover & Tracklisting)

Long awaited long overdue, the anti faking the funk man is back. Finally something interesting poppin' off amidst the copy cat rappers out here. Large Pro is a pro, a veteran in the game and if your a Nas fan, thank Large Professor if you ever get the chance.

Tracklist after the

Track List:

01. The Entrance
02. Hot: Sizzling, Scorching, Torching, Blazing
03. ‘Maica Living’ (Feat. Killah Sha & Guardian Leep)
04. Pump Ya Fist (Feat. Mikey D Lotto)
05. Party Time
06. In The Ghetto
07. Hardcore Hip Hop
08. Frantic Barz
09. Sewin’ Love
10. Ru Dope (Feat. Jeru Tha Damaja)
11. Dap (Feat. Lil Dap)
12. Noyd (Feat. Big Noyd)
13. Classic Emergency
14. Rockin’ Hip Hop
15. Large Pro Says
16. To The Meadows
17. The Hardest (Feat. AZ & Styles P)



Video: Danity Kane - "Bad Girl" BTS

Danity Kane are on the set of their new video Bad Girl. The girls have Made The Band and are now making the charts. Missy Elliot is featured on the track and joins the "Bad Girls" on set.

Check out the BTS after the

Behind The Scenes of the filming of Danity Kane's video for "Bad Girl"



Everyone Nose RMX Kanye, Lupe, Pharrell & Pusha T

N*E*R*D* Pharrell, Chad and Shae, tap the so-called back pack rappers for this remix. Kanye, Lupe, (not so much) Pusha T. The is the official Everyone Knows RMX (=remix for the slow people) video. Where is Malice at?? I think we are going to see some solo ventures from the kings of cocaine soon. In fact, I posted an interview where they said it was ineveitable and not to would be kinda stupid financially. Thats a very loose quote but you get what Im saying! Check the previous post. I believe you'll see what Im saying.

Everyone Nose RMX Vid after the



The Clipse Interview - Road To Success

The Clipse explain defining there own sound without the Neptunes, solo careers, the clothing line, musical goals and more

Interview after the

spotted on OnSmash

The Clipse explain defining there own sound without the Neptunes, solo careers, the clothing line, musical goals and more.



Give It. Get it.

Robin Thicke - Cipha Sound interview

Video: Cory Gunz Speaks

Meet Corey Gunz, the kid who killed the amillie beat, in my opinion one of the best versions out of the many. He talks about his amillie verse nd his new mix tape "Best Kept Secret"

Footage after the

Meet Corey Gunz, the kid who killed the amliie beat, in my opinion one of the best versions out of the many. He talks about his amillie verse nd his new mix tape "Best Kept Secret"

spotted on nahright?



VIDEO: Kanye West Glow In the Dark

Kanye West "Put On" Freestyle during his Glow In The Dark show @ Madison Square Garden. Glow in the Dark with Yeezy after the

Kanye West "Put On" Freestyle during his Glow In The Dark show @ Madison Square Garden 08/05/08 from Nile Ivey on Vimeo.



Nas Interview w/ Cipha Rosenberg

Torae on his Loud Favs

Kanye West Speech At MSG

Kanye preaches the gospel of Hip Hop Jump!



Part 2 of 2. Young Jeezy breaks down the recession. Revisit Part 1 Jump!


Keith Murray - Freestyle

Ruby Hornet TV: Freestyle in the Park - Keith Murray @ 2008 The Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival Jump!


DJ Green Lantern interviews Rakim

Rakim kicks it with DJ Green Lantern following the Rock The Bells Tour Jump!





3.Days Of Our Lives
4.Still In Effect
6.Boss Freestyle feat.Neef
7.Dough feat.Peedi Crakk
11.Never Die
12.Promised Land
14.Just Fire Freestyle
15.Make It Better
16.Rush feat.Beanie Sigel
18.Ocean Seven feat.State Property
19.Outro Jump!


MAINO Speaks On His Club Brawl


T.I. - Swing Your Rag (BTS)

T.I. is giving the people what they want. This is a certified banger, although some people cant accept that it is without pouring a little hate on it, but Im glad he's propmoting this on out the box. Paper Trail is coming SOON!



Joe Budden - Touch and Go

I just got a box full of Budden and I saved the best for last. Padded Room is looking very promising.


01. Now I Lay
02. Touch N Go
03. If I Gotta Go
04. Blood On The Wall
05. Don’t Make Me
06. In My Sleep
07. Outcast
08. I Couldn’t Help It
09. Do Tell
10. My Life
11. Better Me
12. Just to Be Different
13. Angel In My Life
14. Pray For Me


DOWNLOAD: Joe Budden - Touch and Go Jump!


Joe Budden presents Blood On the Wall

Joe Budden "Blood on the Wall" off upcoming album "Padded Room" October 28th Jump!


VIDEO: Joe Budden - Touch and Go BTS

Touch and Go from Joe Budden's upcoming release Padded Room due out October 28th Jump!


Freeway: Parked Up

We saw Freeway Rhyming and Driving... Now watch what he does when he parks up. Jump!


Soulja Boy says VOTE!

Uncle Luke Talks About New TV Show

Luke from the infamous 2Live crew talks about family life and his new tv show Jump!


T.I. Respect My Vote interview

TI talks about his new clothing line with the words 'Respect My Vote' on it. Says he'll get other artists to help with voting. When asked if Shawty Lo will be involved, TI replies 'oh hell naw!' Jump!


Torae - Allow Me To Reintroduce Myself (mixtape)

DOWNLOAD: Torae - Allow Me To Reintroduce Myself

Track list:

01. Heard It All Before w/ Emilio Rojas (Prod by Khrysis)
02. Merchant Of Dreams w/ Skyzoo & The Embassy (Prod by 9th Wonder)
03. The Takeover ft. Kil Ripkin (Prod by COS)
04. Uncomfortable (Prod by 9th Wonder)
05. Shake It Off w/ Tanya Morgan & Kam Moye (Prod by Brizzo)
06. Crash (Prod by Khrysis)
07. No Where No More w/ Eternia & Ms. Davis (Prod by 9th Wonder)
08. Higher Learning (Unreleased) (Prod by COS)
09. Told You That w/ Chaundon (Prod by Khrysis)
10. I Dont Care w/ Nefew
11. T.I.M.E. (Prod by Vega & Suede)
12. 3 Kings w/ Skyzoo & Chaundon (Prod by Analogic)
13. Lick The Balls
14. Best Out w/ Skyzoo & Draftpick
15. Good God (Prod by Marco Polo)
16. New Blood w/ Emilio Rojas, Skyzoo & Fresh Daily (Prod by Illmind)
17. Broken Dreamz ft. KoMika (Unreleased) (Prod by Vega & Suede)
18. Rise Up (Unreleased) (Prod by COS)
19. The People w/ ESSO
20. Hip Hop w/ Punchline & Stick (Prod by Madlib)
21. Getting Money w/ Magnif of Lawless Element (Prod by Magnif)
22. Promises w/ Kil Ripkin (Prod by Vega & Suede)
23. Its All Over w/ Supastition, Dan Jons & Finale (Prod by DR) Jump!


Cassie - My House

DOWNLOAD: Cassie - My House

Bad Boy is back at it. Jump!


Consequence Takes Us Backstage @ Rock The Bells

UPDATE: Nas & Jay-Z - Rock The Bells Performance

More Nas and Jay from Rock The Bells.




One of the lead singles from Helath Skeltah's forthcoming LP, “D.I.R.T.,”(in stores September 30th) is the ILL MIND produced track "EVERYTHING IS HELTAH SKELTAH."



HELTAH SKELTAH - “D.I.R.T.” ( Artwork & Tracklisting)

Heltah Skeltah coming with a September 30th release date.

Tracklisting and credits for Heltah Skeltah’s “D.I.R.T” (Tentative):

1.) Intro
2.) Insane (Produced by Marco Polo)
3.) Chipmunk 3000 (Produced by Fatim)
4.) Everything Is Heltah Skeltah (Produced by ILL MIND)
5.) D.I.R.T. (Another Boot Camp Clik Yeah Song) (Produced by Khrysis)
6.) So Damn Tough f/Buckshot and Ruste Juxx (Produced by ILL MIND)
7.) WMD f/Smif N Wessun (Produced by M-Phazes)
8.) That’s Incredible (Produced by EZ Mo Bee)
9.) Ape Muzik f/ The Representativz (Produced by Stu Bangas)
10.) The Art of Disrespekanization (Produced by Khrysis)
11.) Hellz Kitchen (Produced by Evidence)
12.) Shmack Muzik (Produced by Sic Beats)
13.) Twinz (Produced by Ken Ring)
14.) Ruck N Roll (Produced by Stu Bangas) Jump!


The Clipse Speaking On That Old Weezy Beef (audio only)

The Clipse speaking on the old beef with Lil Wayne, Pharrell's maybe baby, Rick Ross and more, Listen. Jump!


T.I. Still Throwing Water On Shawty Lo's Fire

Trick Daddy Clears It Up with Plies and Rick Ross

Trick Daddy is a reall ass dude. I love this shit. I respect the fact that Trick can come out and clear things up. Trick knows exactly who he is and I dont think he really give a f*ck if anybody likes it or not. Trick is doing Trick, and took a moment to make sure nobody got him twisted. Props to Trick Daddy. Jump!


Maino Says More Than Hi To A Hater

Maino smacks the shit outta some kid in the audience who obviously didnt know Maino doesnt mind setting the whole club to riot by smacking this guy. What he said to Maino is a mystery, but Im guessing at this point it dont matter, Maino was probably pissed that this one kid in the whole club is holding up the show with some bullshit about his hood. I know I woulda been. Jump!


Slim Thug Leaves Interscope for Koch Records

Houston rapper Slim Thug has left Interscope Records, along with the Neptunes’ subsidiary label Star Trak to pursue his own ventures at Koch Records and prove that he is still the dirty South boss who’s already platinum.

Slim Thug is currently prepping a new album with his Boss Hogg Outlawz crew and will be looking for a September 2 release date. The album, Back By Blockular Demand (Serve & Collect 2), will be their second LP. The group has recently released the video “Ridin’ Wit No Ceiling” via the Internet and are preparing their next video “Keep It Playa” with Ray J.

Also in the works is Slim Thug's new solo album, tentatively titled The Boss of All Bosses. The album’s original first single “Wood Grain Wheel” was released last year.


More "dweeb-isms" from Jim Jones

If you missed the first half where he calls Nas a dweeb, look no further.



The Cool Kids @ lalapalooza Interview

Ryan Leslie -- Addiction. BTS Photos

T.I. Gives Shawty Lo A Late Jab

You gotta love how T.I. explains his perspective on things.

Though T.I. and Shawty Lo have kept relatively quiet as of late about their dispute, neither man has taken direct action in burying the beef. Stopping by 103 Jamz radio in Norfolk, Virginia, T.I. attempted the task through dismissal of the situation, though his method worked in condescending jabs here and there.
Wanting to step back from the problem, T.I. put the “Bankhead” accusations into context, and then immediately refuted them. “I've been out for nine years, [Paper Trail] is my sixth album. If any of these claims had any validity to them, wouldn't it have been said by now? I mean, if he felt like this, why didn't he say this when he was promoting 'Laffy Taffy'?”
With “Laffy Taffy” and “Dey Know” as Shawty Lo’s high points in his career, T.I. clearly has the upper hand in the success category, to which he corresponds to certain characteristics in each rapper. “In life we all have positions to play, and I’ve accepted my position in life as a winner, as a leader, as the example. The one who sets the standard of how to do things, and how to do things correctly.” Coming full circle with his compare-contrast model, T.I. continued, “I’ve accepted his position as being a hater. And if I don’t win, he can’t hate. So I'ma do my job, so he can continue to do his.”
Summing up his status in the Shawty Lo beef, T.I. was calm and direct on his ending thought. “I’ve addressed it, I’ve acknowledged it, I’ve demolished it, and now I must dismiss it.”


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