Cory Gunz - The Best Kept Secret (mixtape)

Alas, it has come! The Corey Gunz Mixtape that weve been waitng for has arrived and its yours for the gettin. DOWNLOAD & TrackListing after the

01. Peedi Pop-Off R.I.P. Intro
02. Drug Raps
03. Mad Rapper Skit
04. Get Right Tonight (Feat. Ryan Leslie)
05. Ice-T Skit
06. Jay-Z Freestyle
07. Check The Rhyme Freestyle
08. Addiction (Militia Remix)
09. Chris Tucker Skit
10. Armed
11. Biggie Skit
12. Richer Than Richie
13. Busta Freestyle (Feat. Young Hash)
14. Invasion Radio Freestyle
15. Preacher Man (Feat. Young Hash)
16. D-Boy Block
17. This Is What We Do
18. Crew In The Spot
19. Ma$e Freestyle
20. A Millie (Remix) (Feat. Lil Wayne & Jadakiss)

DOWNLOAD: Cory Gunz - The Best Kept Secret (mixtape)


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