JD Riggz - HIStory: I Got A Story To Tell (mixtape)

DOWNLOAD:JD Riggz - HIStory: I Got A Story To Tell

"HIStory" is hosted by Tapemasters Inc. featuring guest apperances from Skyzoo, Chaundon, The HCM Gang, Jesse Boykins III and production from J Dilla, Apex, Johnny Juliano & More.


1. Intro(Prod. by Young Los)
2. Road To Riches(Prod. by I.N.F.O & Nova)
3. A Boy Like That(Prod. by Phoenix for Beast Music)
4. Like Me(Prod. by COOP of Baron Boys)
5. Yellow Tape Rap(Prod. by Johnny Juliano)
6. Weight of The World(Feat. Chaundon & Skyzoo)Prod. by JD Riggz & Majik of Cafe Society
7. Which Way To Go(Feat. Jesse Boykins III)Prod. by Young Los
8. All Falls Down Freestyle
9. Luchini Freestyle
10. Dead Presidents Freestyle
11. Mans World Freestyle(Prod. by Apex Productionz)
12. Rebel Without A Cause(Prod. by Sire of Beatslangaz)
13. Little Secret(Feat. Max Marciano & Daggerz)Prod. by J. Dilla
14. The Paper(Feat. Rashad)Prod. by Elevator Music
15. Glamour & Glitz(Feat. Inf! Da Beast, Q. Easy & Daggerz)
16. Bad Men(Feat. Inf! Da Beast, Q. Easy & Asap)Prod. by YM of Baron Boys
17. How I Do(Feat. Newz)Prod. by Young Los
18. In My Zone(Prod. by Majik of Cafe Society)
19. Believe In Me(Prod. by JD Riggz)
20.People Talking(Outro)


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