Is 50 Cent Dissing T.I. On G-Unit's 'You So Tough'?

'It's Absolutely For The Public To Decide,' is all we get from 50 Cent on this question. Everybody already knows who he's talking about but it appears 50 wants this incident to remain entertainment. I think 50 is taking into consideration of how the hood might feel about everybody going after T.I. right when he catches a case. Alfamega just holled at Shawty Lo for doing the same thing in the video (props to onsmash for that)Or maybe it could be that it is coincidence? After all the first time I heard about 50 even having something to say about this was from Shawty Lo on SkeeTV when he said "50 said something to him, is he gone go after 50 like he did me?" I agree that 50 has never had an issue being direct, especially in a situation like this but I also know he is a marketing genius and knows how to sell a project. So ultimately, the public will decide what the hood already knows.

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