DMX arrested. AGAIN!

According to SOHH news via TMZ, Multi-platinum selling rapper DMX was arrested today in Arizona after violating the terms of his Miami bond from an earlier arrest.

Police took in the former Ruff Ryders leader this morning after he arrived on a flight from Ft. Lauderdale for a court hearing. Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio has been quoted saying the rapper “never learns his lesson” and would enjoy locking him up in his jail.

X’s arrest comes as a result of violating his Miami bond set last week (June 27) when he was arrested for allegedly attempting to purchase cocaine and marijuana from an undercover officer. Since he left the state of Florida, authorities were legally required to arrest him.

Prior to today, X was arrested on June 23rd, May 9th, and May 7th.

DMX? Are you ok? I think we should all take time to say a prayer for X, He's been in and out of trouble for a while now and I think the pressures of success are tearing him down day by day, little by little. Keep ya head up X, try to get some help.

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