Who's Built for Beef?

Beef has always been a part of the equation in making rap music what it is to today. From the days of Roxanne Shante vs The Real Roxanne, battles have fueled the hype and added to the excitement of what rap is about, but it was all art imitaing life, is it me, or does it appear that life has begun imitating art?

Is the so called beef what it used to be or have we fed steroids to our cow jaw flapping emcees and produced something entirely different from what it used to be?


Fat Joe 2 pieces Papoose. (or vice versa, Cassidy wont tell us)
T.I. caught buying a shit load of weapons. (Does 50 really wanna fuck with that gun shit?.... AGAIN?) The list could go on and on but my point is, have we taken what used to be who could rap the best and get the crowd most hype into some street thug, dont let me catch you in the street type of thing?

The latest to enter into the greezy steezy, Yung Burg and Tyga, with their own seperate beefs, launch video campaigns to air their latest grievances.

First up: Young Berg.

Next up: Tyga (in response to 40 Dolla, a G-Unit affiliate)


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