Rick Ross

Curtis is up to his shananagins again. 50 cent posted pics of Rick Ross in a correction officers uniform on the front page of his website with the caption Exclusive : Photos Of Rick Ross Before This Rap Shit.
"A source from Miami e-mailed us a copy of a Rick Ross photo as a correctional officer before he became a rapper. The source said there is more photos of Rick Ross in uniform to come. OUCH !!! "

Ross has already issued a statement concerning the photos saying,

My life is 100 percent real. These online hackers putting a picture of my face when i was a teenager in high school on other peoples body. If this shit was real don’t you think they would have more specifics, like dates and everything else? I’m in the entertainment business and a lot of people like to hate because I’m on top of my game. Like i said before my life is 100 percent real.


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