Rick Ross: Deep Cover?

Looking at this, its apparent that SOMEBODY wants to ruin Rick Ross' career. This video just surface on YouTube showing the negatives to the photo of Rick Ross in a Correction Officer's uniform. Im no professional photographer, but I dont think negatives can be chopped and photoshopped, so that leads me to wonder, why would Ricky Ross say he is a victim of such nonsense if he knew the pictures were legit?? I think the best thing to do is, instead of making war with Trick Daddy, just tell the truth. To be honest I don't give a fuck if he was or wasn't as long as he keeps making hot ass music. (That Boss shit is smooth as FUCK!!) I guess the point I'm trying to make is "real" in the entertainment industry is different from "real" on the streets. We ALL KNOW that shit, and if you don't, you a little slow. Think about it, you really think The Clipse are stupid enough to be moving weight and then write hot 16's about it? FUCK NO!! The drug game requires a degree of secrecy in order to exist. After all Malice was in the US Air Force, he didn't lie about the shit (although that does sound mighty Frank Lucas- ish) He let everybody know whats up and we all recognize that 's only one aspect of his past. Trust me, I know Malice personally, don't let that little shy video smile shit fool ya, he got street game and ain't to be fucked with. DDP!! Anyways, only time will tell how this will effect Ross' sales, regardless, he is still a talented ass rapper and i think we should just leave it at that.


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