Ok yall, I been getting some flack about not posting Lloyd leaks in the blog. I admit, I don't particularly care for his music. Now before all you Lloyd fans blast my inbox with the "Im a Hater" emails, Understand, Ive been jaded to his music partly because of radio... I suspect PAYOLA, but that's just my suspicions.. Proof? Remember that song "Get It Shawty" from last summer that was on every radio station at the same time every day!! That shit pissed me off and I swore that the chorus sounded just like the one from "Pump up the Jam!" It drove me crazy! I thought Technotronic was trying to make a come back.

And furthermore, why the hell is he ALWAYS smiling? Something's not right about that... I mean this dude smiles more than Bobby McFerrin and HE wrote a song about being HAPPY!

Maybe one day I'll forgive Lloyd for subjecting me to radio hell one day, but until then spare me the emails! If you really need your Lloyd fix, go get it from eskay or lowkey


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